luxor slots

In early December, 2015, slot machines manufacturer Genesis Gaming introduced a new video slot dedicated to Ancient Egypt. As practice shows, slots the plot of which narrates about this historical state are popular.

This is a very pleasant and romantic offer in the genre.

It also contains attractive graphics at the same time.

In general, you can see and play in a very attractive game.

And while you are playing, there is an Egyptian soundtrack that is also audible.

This brings you back to the times of ancient Egypt.

Return to antiquity in online game Temple of Luxor – in the ancient Egyptian game from Genesis Gaming.

This is the name of 10 rolls, 4 rolls and 100 tiles, which includes a free rotation function that reproduces 11 reels with 4 wild drums. The drum created in the temple of Luxor is something unusual: the game takes place in two separate games of 4 × 5 rolls, separated by a destroyed obelisk. The action takes place in a basic set in 2 independent batteries.

In the context of archaeological ruins, the drums consist of card symbols and a quartet of deities of high-ranking Egyptian animals. Everything becomes very interesting when the Free Spins function begins.

You should find 2 bonus scatter symbols for each set of roles. Ancient ruins return to their magnificence during their construction, and, first of all, the destroyed obelisk turned into a huge complex of wild animals. Instead of two separate drums, free spins play on a huge 4- and 11-drum machine, which makes it possible to solve various winning combinations.

A complete comb of 11 symbols of the Goddess is one payline which brings a win of 5,000.

Payments are made from right to left as well as from left to right.